Relief from Asthma with Hypnotherapy and NLP

Hypnotherapy with NLP can help you to manage asthma and can give you a reassuring sense of control over your condition.

Research shows that negative emotions such as panic and depression can affect the respiratory system, in effect bringing on an asthma episode in people with the condition. Hypnotherapy with NLP can lower stress which is a common trigger of asthma. I also know that the power of the mind can influence physical processes. Hypnotherapy with NLP can improve immune function and anaesthetize pain and directly and beneficially effect the workings of the body and can ease asthma.

Relief from Asthma will get you feeling more relaxed and give you a way of quickly feeling more comfortable during typical asthma trigger times. It will re-train your unconscious mind to minimize episodes and get you feeling instantly more free from asthma symptoms.

Each session cost £250 (US$375)

N.B. Any asthma sufferer should, of course, seek appropriate medical treatment.



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