Michael Short has trained with some of the best teachers living today
 including one of the founders of NLP, the legendary Dr. Richard Bandler


Life coaching with NLP is a personalized one to one relationship where I can guide you naturally into the present.  This kind of coaching can help you to take a very clear look at your life.  Through coaching you can easily learn to develop ways in which you want to move forward and how to have the life you may only have dreamt about.  You can learn to overcome  limiting beliefs and enjoy solving problems while constructing and recognising opportunities.  The key to effective life coaching is honesty and saying what needs to be heard in order to help you to take giant leaps forward in rethinking, refocusing, reorganising and reinventing your life.


There is no greater asset than you.

  How long will it take?

Each session is 90 minutes.  All that you need to do is to fill in some forms before the start of the first session.  These forms can be sent to me by fax, email or post.

Each sessions take place twice a week for one month by appointment.  The program costs £2640 (US$4000).


Imagine your life the way you want it to be.

  What will I have to do?

People come to me because they are stuck in a rut, there is a feeling of frustration with their life or unsure as to whether they can meet their goals.  When your life is beginning to run smoothly it can have a knock on effect on the whole of your life.  Life change coaching means that your life is changing and is affecting every aspect of your life.   Remember that any change creates change.


You have the power within you to easily succeed and you have the power to use it.

  Am I  a suitable candidate for coaching?

If you want to look at your life and makes changes to your lifestyle, relationships, work, business or any area of your life then, yes,  life coaching is for you.  Coaching is for you if you feel all right as a person but feel that you are unable to move forward in attaining the kind of lifestyle you want. 


My promise to you is that I can easily guide you to your goal
 by getting you to think differently
...more differently and even more differently again!

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Michael D. Short
 NLP Master Practitioner

      Folkestone, Kent                      Tampa, Florida
                                  United Kingdom                 United States of America                    

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