Quick, effective relief and help from depression is possible...

I find that most depressed people are confused. They ask questions like:

How did I ever get into this state?

Why do I feel this way?

Will I ever get better?

I can help you get relief from depression quickly.
You will be amazed how quickly the relief is.
How am I able to do this?

The only reason I can do this is because I combine hypnotherapy with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

When your unconscious mind understands this approach, depression can lose its power to confuse.

I know what depression is, and you can too


Only when you are ready

It is important to understand that depression can de-motivate you and so the idea of starting sessions may seem daunting.
When you can make the decision to end your depression you are already half-way there on the road to recovery. 

If you are already getting help from someone that is wonderful. Having me there can also make all the difference and it can make my help all the more effective.

Each session costs £350 (US$525).


Michael D. Short
 NLP Master Practitioner

 Folkestone, Kent              Tampa, Florida
                                  United Kingdom                 United States of America                    

Tel: (UK) 0044 (0)7746 185547     (USA) 001 949 302 5272      Email:


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