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The self improvement sessions, can offer you more detailed flexibility, choice and the possibility to succeed in your everyday situations.  Self improvement with NLP is very effective. It helps you to take a break from your normal pattern of doing things and to appreciate other, perhaps more effective approaches. When in a calm and relaxed state you can then allow yourself to choose which new options are best for your own self improvement. I can guide you to how you want things to be for yourself.

             Self Improvement                                    Desired Outcome

Building Self-Confidence

Build up your self-confidence before stressful, challenging or important events.

Building Self-Esteem Improve your opinion of yourself and faith in your abilities.

Being Yourself Socially


There is nothing more attractive than someone who is comfortable being themselves.


Overcoming Shyness


Retrain your unconscious mind to respond to social situations with confidence.


Develop Optimism


Boost your optimism and ability to expect the best from the future.

Cool Down Blushing Teach your unconscious mind how to stop blushing and relax in the face of potential embarrassment.
Assertiveness Training Say what you mean, calmly and clearly, right when you need to.
Saying No If saying 'no' is difficult for you, hypnosis can help you refuse comfortably and assertively.
Staying Calm with THAT Person Some people seem to have the power to press your buttons. Now you can disconnect them for good!
Feel Attractive Now! Being attractive to others has so much to do with whether you feel attractive.
Overcome Insecurity Insecurity is part of 'the human condition', but when it gets out of hand, it can ruin your life. Get help with my gentle hypnosis session.
Stop Negative Thinking Regardless of how confident you are, negative thinking can chip away at your confidence and self esteem, making it harder to move forward. You can put a lid on those negative thoughts today!
Self Sabotage Stop self sabotage and get out of your own way!
What Others Think Spending too much time worrying what other people think of you can make for a difficult life. Restore balance to your thoughts with my relaxing and soothing hypnosis session.
Stage Fright Overcoming the paralysis of stage fright can be easier than you think.
Self Hate Self hate is destructive and pointless - escape it today and start being more realistic about yourself.
Stop Worrying Stop worrying today and give your life room to breathe.
Overcome Perfectionism Overcome perfectionism and allow yourself credit for your achievements.
Forgiveness Learn true forgiveness and let go of negative emotion about the past.
Victim Mentality Get rid of your victim mentality and start taking control.
No Embarrassment Don't be embarrassed any more.
Anxiety Dining Out Overcome anxiety around dining out and eating with friends.
Put Yourself First Put yourself first for a change. You deserve it.
Peer Pressure Resist peer pressure and be your own person.
Positive Thinking Increase your powers of positive thinking and reap the rewards.
Self Acceptance Experience the relief of accepting yourself for who you really are.
Impulse Control Control your impulses instead of them controlling you - and ruining your life!
Musicians & Singers Nerves Musicians & singers - get over your nerves and really enjoy every part of performing.
Feeling Down Beat those everyday blues.
Stop Thinking the Worst Stop thinking the worst - not everything is a potential disaster.
Confidence in Meetings Get the confidence to speak out in meetings.
Be More Patient Be more patient - enjoy life more and get more done.
Overcome Selfishness Overcome selfishness and help others along with yourself.
You Are Not Stupid Stop thinking you are stupid.
Let Go Of The Past Help yourself let go of the past.
Self Consciousness Overcome self consciousness and enjoy socialising.
Overcome Envy Overcome envy and free yourself to be happier.
Stop Being Defensive Stop being defensive and enjoy the world becoming a friendlier place.
Stop Comparing Yourself You can really be yourself when you stop comparing yourself to others.
Overcome Superstition Don't let superstition rule your life any more.
Blaming Others Stop blaming other people and see problems in a whole new light.
Controlling Emotions Control your emotions so you can trust them to help yourself.
Speaking Clearly How to speak clearly with assurance and confidence - the recipe for success.
Get Back on Track Get your plans back on track and reach your goals.
Stop Being Irritable Stop being irritable and rediscover how to enjoy life.
Overcome Indecision Free yourself from indecisiveness - decide to be decisive, now!
Stop Judging by Appearances The world becomes real when you stop judging by appearances.
Let It Go The past - whatever it was, you can move on and let it go!
Dealing with Disappointment Stop being the prey of disappointment and become its master.
Stop Being Fussy Learn to stop being so fussy while keeping your high standards.
Be Less Critical Get better results - be less critical!
Forgive Yourself Let go of self-blame and learn to forgive yourself.
Stop Arguing How to stop arguing all the time - easily.
Don't Take It Personally Self help to stop taking things personally and begin to enjoy life more.
Birthday Blues Overcome birthday blues - you've got plenty to celebrate!
Stop Being Lazy Crack how to stop being lazy or procrastinating.
Don't Hold Grudges Don't hold grudges - they're really bad for you.
Self Pity Escape the swamp of self pity and make the most of life.


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